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Powerful PC Tuning made Easy

  • Optimizes Windows® with a range of completely automated, built-in features including the ultra convenient 'Start Up Manager' that saves time and valuable drive space.
  • Defragments and repairs your disk manually or at preselected intervals for maximum user control.
  • Keeps your private information protected and shields you from all types of malicious online privacy attacks.
  • Gives you the comfort of knowing you'll always be able to open attached files such as treasured family photos and videos.
  • Gives you the luxury of a much faster Internet browsing experience without having to master any complicated technology first.

If you don't take our word on it, take us for a spin. It's 100% guaranteed. :)

Excellent technical support

Our trained technicians are waiting by the phone to assist you. While the software is able to fix most issues, for certain stubborn ones, human assistance is required. If the lines are busy please try again.

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